AE-LIFT STO Motor Driver

AE-LIFT STO is a contactorless lift motor driver frequency inverter. It uses space vector control, ensures high floor level sensitivity and high comfort. The main controller DSP performs all required calculations as fast as any micro controller. The standard terminal and its functions for lift operations are predefined for control inputs and outputs. The brake coil and contactors are driven directly by the device. All terminals are pluggable and placed outside the box. There is no need to open the device box for any connection.


General Specifications

  • Significant noise reduction thanks to its Contactorless (STO) design
  • Power options between 3 kW – 30 kW
  • Ability to work with Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors
  • Perfect travel comfort
  • SSI, EnDat, SinCos, BISS and Incremental Encoder support
  • Supports Open-Loop and Closed-Loop applications
  • Rescue operation with UPS or battery
  • High torque production through the vector control



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