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    1. What Is Installation Mode?

    Installation mode is a facilty to install the controller without connecting car, landing and shaft components. You should set A15 as 1 [A15=1]. Then you can install basic parameters and run the motor in inspection mode only by bridging safety line contacts (between 110 … 140).

    2. How To Perform UCM Test?

    Before starting UCM test two parameters must be set as follows: [A16- UCM CONTROLL = 1] [A06 DOOR BRIDGING = 1,2,3] After setting these parameters execute X04-UCM TEST function under Test-UCM icon in main menu (in previous versions R05-UCM TEST in SERVICES menu) to start UCM test. Automatic doors will be opened automatically. However, you should open semi-automatic doors manually. The lift will move and then stop when any of ML1 or ML2 switches are out of the door zone by creating UCM ERROR. If there is no error then it means that there is a problem either in wiring or position of the shaft elements. This error is stationary and must be cleared manually. Execute X01- UCM ERROR CLEAR (R01- UCM ERROR CLEAR in SERVICES menu) facilty to clear this error. This operation is explained in user manual in section 7.4.

    3. How To Upgrade The Software Of The Device?

    Switch the system into inspection mode. Go to Data, Software icon and press ENT button. There are two controllers inside the device. One is motor driver (ICS) and the other one is lift controller (ICM). Select ICM Upload or ICS Upload icon depending on the section you want to upgrade. Then you will see a list of files on the screen. Select the appropriate one (the newest one) by using up-down buttons and press ENT to start file transfer. Do not switch off the system during operation. After termination of the operation switch off and then on the device. Check the motion in inspection mode. If there are no problems you can start normal operation.

    4. How To Carry On Shaft Learning?

    Shaft learning is a facility to save floor positions when encoder is used as floor selector. Firstly, be sure that ML1, ML2, 817 ve 818 magnetic switches and related magnets has been installed properly in the shaft. ML1 must always be under ML2. To start the operation execute K01-SHAFT LEARNING under Shaft Copying icon (in previous versions R02 SHAFT LEARNING in SERVICES menü). To start the operation press ↑ button. See AP-01 FLOOR SELECTOR INSTALLATION AS INCREMENTAL ENCODER manual for a detailed explanation of shaft learning and floor level adjustments.

    5. Brake Contact Error Arises During Tuning Operation?

    Check the operation of brake contact switches. You can carry on tuning process in installation mode or by disabling A16-UCM KONTROL parameter [A16=0].

    6. The System Has Not Been Blocked After UCM Test.

    Check B04-UCM ERROR BLOCK parameter. It should be active [B04 = 0].

    7. The Lift Does Not Reach Nominal Speed?

    Check the value S01-Nominal Speed parameter.

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