As “AYBEY ELEKTRONİK”, we will always adhere to the philosophy of sustainable environment, occupational health/safety and sustainable development. We will continue to contribute to the development of the sector in which we operate by constantly improving each of our business processes in accordance with this understanding.

We will shape all our processes and investments according to this principle by prioritizing the controls and measures regarding the health and safety of our employees.

By analyzing the effects of our activities on the environment, we will always adhere to the philosophy of ‘consume less / pollute less’ and shape all our process designs with high ‘environmental sensitivity’.

The most important resource for us is our staff who work with devotion under difficult conditions when necessary. For this reason we will ensure the continuous development of our personnel. We will continue to show all necessary sensitivity so that each personnel feels himself a valuable member of this big family.

We will continue to work in full compliance with these regulations with the self-evaluation system we have established. We aim to achieve this by constantly scanning national and international standards and legal regulations. We will not leave quality and safety to chance by integrating our philosophy of continuous improvement with the rules of ‘ISO Management Standards’. We will turn this understanding into a corporate culture by emphasizing the importance of systematic work so that it can be felt at all levels in our organization.

We will design and implement each of our business processes with customer satisfaction in mind. We will continue to offer products and services beyond expectations by constantly analyzing customer expectations. In addition, we will consider our suppliers as a part of our team. Following the philosophy of “Quality is teamwork!” we will integrate our suppliers into our quality management system and contribute to their development constantly.

General Manager


Kek ANNEX 1 QMS Policy Rev.0

Release Date: 1.2018


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